Misc. Newsletters:

Local Press  Item. . . 

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Icon Felixstowe Spotlight Feb 24.pdf

Ipswich & District Historical Transport Society:

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Icon idhts February 2024v2.pdf

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Icon Solent Maritime Society Jan.2024.pdf

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Icon Annual National Service for Seafarers 2023.pdf

Local Press Item . . . .

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Icon Felixstowe Town Council Dec 23.pdf

Just for a change . . . . . .

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Icon Australian Warship.pdf

Historic Ships UK

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Icon June 2022 Newsletter from National Historic Ships UK.pdf

Steamship Historical Society of America - California Chapter

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Icon OT NEWS - Bid to move USS Iowa.pdf

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Icon OCEAN TIMES -July 23.pdf

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Icon 2023 Apr OT.pdf

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Icon OT NEWS - QUEEN MARY-230426.pdf

Tugs, Towing & Offshore:

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Icon Newsletter 17 2024.pdf

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Icon Newsletter 16 2024.pdf

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Icon Newsletter 15 2024.pdf

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Icon Special The story of 6 tugboats built in Germany.pdf

Tug Newsletters

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Icon TugeNewsletter-5 21 January 2024.pdf

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Icon WWTugandOSVNews 2024 24.pdf

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Icon TugeNewsletter-4 20 December 2023.pdf

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Icon TugeNewsletter-4 19 Nov-Dec 2023.pdf

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Icon TugeZine-4 21-December 2023.pdf