Dress Code


A number of concerns have been raised about declining standards of behaviour at our meetings. One of the pleasures of the FMMC is that it maintains a formality that is all too rare in society today. We meet to share the fraternity of the sea and operate to those codes of conduct that we expect onboard ship. In particular I would like to remind you of the following

Our dress code is jacket and tie. Please ensure that your Guests are aware of this. In the event that the weather is particularly warm you will be advised if jackets can be removed at lunch.

Do not come into the dining area until the bell is rung; this allows the catering staff to set out the tables without hindrance.

Please do not commence eating until Grace has been said.

Our Guest Speakers are exactly that Guests. They deserve to be heard in reasonable silence.

FMMC Meetings are, in part, popular because they are different from other organisations. Your cooperation in preserving this ambience for the future is appreciated.

This signal has been composed by various Past Captains, it was reviewed in March 2019 by the incumbent Club Captain and is posted for the benefit and information of the Members.